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Welcome to Brainy Birds Rescue & Rehabilitation

With more than 120 birds in our care, Brainy Birds Rescue has had to secure bigger premises to cater for all – and we need your help in raising funds to ensure their ongoing nutrition, comfort, and wellbeing in a secure, eco-friendly and loving environment.

Brainy Birds Rescue has provided a safe, loving environment for the recovery, conservation and life-long care of over 100 companion parrots for over seven years.

Misunderstood, mistreated, neglected or handicapped, various species of these pre-homed exotic birds have all been welcomed, fed, revived and loved. Some have been fortunate enough to find new, forever homes with families that have been equipped with the vital information needed to ensure their wellbeing.

If you want to know about Parrot training, behaviour, health, nutrition and general care – you have come to the right place. We are not breeders.

At Brainy Birds we give our time, energy and love to both you and your Parrot to help you both with effective training and mentorship. Some of our Parrot training services include:

  • Have fun while getting to know your Parrot
  • How to stop your Parrot from biting and Screaming
  • Teach your Parrots tricks
  • Taming your Parrot to become independent and loving
  • How to shower (bath) your Parrot
  • Understanding your Parrot
  • Make your own easy Toys for your Parrot
  • Feeding, weaning and general Parrot healthcare