April’s Happy Rehomings

April’s Happy Rehomings


Sparky & Jewel (Cockatiels)

Peanut (African Grey)

Mnthi (African Grey)

Madam (African Grey)


Eden (Cockatiel)

Nemo (African Grey)

Zazzles (Indian Ring Neck)

Latest Adoptions. 

We are delighted that some of our cockatiels and African Greys have found new homes this month. Many people are often not aware that they can not simply choose a bird based on whether the bird talks or is “friendly”. 

It is important that a bond is created between human and parrot to ensure a happy and successful adoption. The wellbeing of the bird is always our first priority.

If you are interested in adopting, please read the details of the procedure here. Also note all enquiries have to be initiated via email on brainybirds.adoptions@gmail.com.

Birds Bite! (Warning -Graphic Content)

Birds Bite! (Warning -Graphic Content)

We are constantly inundated with images and videos of “Awwww” moments with parrots. We can’t deny that they’re cute and affectionate (to the right human). However – there is little emphasis on the “Owww” moments.

Parrots bite – whether it’s a small cockatiel or a cockatoo – the only difference is how much damage is inflicted. Our team of volunteers bear witness to these injuries. It’s not because the parrots are evil – it’s important you know this before you decide to take on a parrot. If you’re not up for the challenge – please reconsider. It’s the right thing to do.

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A word from Dee

A word from Dee

My name is Dee Hendrickx and I am the owner and founder of Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation.

For many years I have saved and rescued Parrots from terrible conditions of abuse and abandonment it has taken up most of my adult years and I have always had a dream of having a sanctuary where these birds can live out their life’s flying freely and trusting humans again, a dream of making a difference to the life and destiny of as many abused, abandoned and neglected parrots as I possibly could with my limited resources.
I started with a few abandoned parrots in my home. Little by little we grew to such an extend that we had to move to bigger premises to house the then 40 parrots in my care, renting bigger premises and building several huge log cabins and big flight aviaries to house the very fast growing number of abused birds, we have grown to 250+ parrots and employ 4 permanent staff members and 6 casual staff.

Needless to say, the journey has been fraught with what have seemed like huge Mountains to climb, tears and heartache. At present we are on a property that is for sale and we have been given 1st option to purchase the huge 3000sqm prime property for 1 million Rand, but the present situation with lockdown has put us in an even bigger predicament and we are not even able to raise funds for our monthly running costs, without being able to go out and do any fundraising to survive our monthly costs and rescue our sanctuary with rescues coming in non stop, with no assistance from any government institution we are completely self funded only a beneficiary of the charity shop Tails & Whiskers who help us raise funds, our costs are not recovered at all unless we can do fundraising.

We have rescued extremely broken and traumatised parrots and we have taught them to trust humans again and given them a free life as they rightly deserve.
Once a parrot comes into our care, no expense or care is spared to meet all that birds needs, in some cases these birds have been so badly abused there is no possibility of rehoming them at all and therefore they become permanent residents at Brainy Birds.
But we love them like our own and do everything to ensure we meet their every need. Anyone who has been to our sanctuary can vouch for the great care and love we give our rescue.

With National Lockdown our Sanctuary is not accessible to visitors or anyone coming in to get education and get any food we sell for extra income, we can not go out to raise funds and do educational talks etc either. Most of our staff has gone home and we relying on volunteers to care for our birds.

Our operating costs due to food costs increased but we have no returns other then a few donations trickling in from our begging posts. We still have to pay rental, provide food for our animals and staff and pay for veterinary visits and care.
We are unable to conduct fundraisers, or process any other income. Everything we do and every decision we take is in the best interest of the parrots in our care, we are in a very dire situation and without the public and our followers help we will be lost.
The situation we are in is serious and that is why we are appealing to you and anyone who feels they are able to, to please assist us get through this terrible time by making a donation, no matter how big or small we are truly grateful for every bit of help we can get.

We are a registered Public Beneficiary Organisation so donations can be Tax Deductible and we can issue an 18A tax Certificate.

Donations can be made to:-
First National Bank – Business account

Account name : Brainy Birds NPO
Account nr : 62638346678
Branch code : 201510 – Greenstone branch
Reference : your name / Lockdown Crisis/or property funding

From the bottom of our heart – THANK YOU.
Kindest regards
Dee Hendrickx – Founder Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation
Tel: 0795265573

PBO 930064551
Brainy Birds – 167/385 NPO