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When we’re not running around feeding the birds, we’re probably climbing up trees to retrieve them.


In medical emergencies, please contact your local Avian Vet. 

We can be contacted from 9am -2pm – on 079 426 5572 or mail

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Frequently Asked Questions
help... my bird has gone missing!

Put your bird's cage outside with some of his favourite treats on top. Keep calling him, and usually any words or phrases he may be familiar with, and listen out for your bird.

Post to your local community groups so that people can look out for him. 

Do NOT spray him or try to climb up trees to retrieve him, as this will startle your bird and will result in him going further away. 

Hopefully, once your bird is hungry, he will make his way back to his bonded human. Good luck.

i've found a baby bird ...

We can not take in wild birds as cross contamination is a real concern and we do not want to risk any infection to our flock. If you are in Johannesburg, please contact the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet for assistance on 071 248 1514


do you sell parrot food?

Yes! Yes we do. We stock a wide range of quality products from Parrotainment. By buying from us, you are supporting the sanctuary at the same time.

can you teach my parrot to talk ...

Not all parrots talk, so no.

birdy spa day

We offer services like nail, beak trimming as well. If you want to have your bird's wings clipped, let us do it. It is incredibly dangerous in the hands of a novice as your bird can bleed out.

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Brainy Birds is NOT open to the general public
No Children under 12 yrs allowed

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For an appointment, please contact us
079 426 5572 or 074 406 0259