🐦 Adopt

We stopped counting after 200 birds. From the larger cockatoos to the smallest canary or love bird, our flock need a safe and healthy environment to call their forever home.

If you wish to adopt, please refer to the adoption process.

Please bear in mind we are NOT a pet shop. 

💰 Donate

As a section 18A NPO, we rely on donations to house, feed and maintain the wellbeing of our entire flock. 

Whether it’s money or pre-loved items that can be sold to raise funds, we are grateful for anything and everything that you can spare.  

💁 Volunteer

We are always in need of reliable and responsible fellow animal lovers to lend a hand.

Being a volunteer at the sanctuary is hard work, but very rewarding. If you want to join our family, please contact us to arrange a training and induction session.


📚 Educate

Share the message. Encourage people to do their homework before considering getting a parrot as a pet. If they are adamant, then remember the adage “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!!!”

Sanctuaries like ours exist because people suddenly realise the amount of work that goes into keeping a parrot. 

Open Hours

Brainy Birds is NOT open to the general public
No Children under 12 yrs allowed

Phone & Email

For an appointment, please contact us
079 426 5572 or 074 406 0259