Your Social Responsibility.

Have you factored in the world beyond the walls of your company into your mission statement?

Your corporate social responsibility extends past just making money and employing people. You can make a difference by dedicating time, and investing other resources into organisations and causes that are caring for all those in need, and that includes the hoards of animals that are subjected to the cruelty and fickle nature of humans.


We at Brainy Birds have opened our hearts to Parrots. These beautiful creatures are bred, and often illegally imported to satisfy the desire to have an exotic companion bird. While these birds can and do thrive as human companions, they are often misunderstood, maltreated and abandoned due to the noise they make, their messy tendencies and their longevity.


These birds simply cannot survive in the wild. Their natural survival instincts have been thwarted through a caged existence. Thus the need for sanctuaries like our own.


Over the last few years, with the increase in emigrations, we have also experienced a surge in surrenders. We simply do not have the heart to turn someone away, knowing there’s a high chance that the bird will simply be abandoned to fend for itself.


We at Brainy Birds cannot continue without funds. We feed over 200 birds at our sanctuary. Birds that require veterinary intervention consume another large chunk of our already limited funds.


You can help us. As part of your corporate social responsibility, we implore you to add us to your list of beneficiaries. With a commitment from you for a fixed amount each month, we can take a deep breath and stress a little bit less about how we are going to make ends meet each month. We can spend more time rehabilitating and socialising the birds with the intention of them eventually leaving us, and finding a new forever home.


As a Section 18A non-profit organisation, you can deduct your annual donations from your tax burden. It’s a win, win situation. Please get in touch.



Parrots that are abandoned, maltreated or surrendered find a loving home with us.


With love and lots of patience, we teach these birds to trust again.


From school kids to adults, we try teach that birds are not meant to live in cages.


Sometimes, a bird gets a second chance and finds a loving forever home.

You Can Help

Every bit counts

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what his is capable of receiving. ”

– Albert Einstein 


Rescued in our favourite breed.

If you believe you are able to give one of our birds a forever home, click to find out how.

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