Our Adoption Process!

Welcome to Brainy Birds, a Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary for abused and neglected Parrots. Please note that we are not a pet shop.

We are delighted that you are interested in adoption, however there are some rules to follow. Click the steps listed on the right to understand the adoption process or click here to download a pdf

All adoption enquiries by email only to



Before deciding to adopt a parrot, remember these birds live up to over 70 years. Are you prepared to make that commitment?

We support the #adoptDontShop philosophy


Step 1 - Meet our flock

First and foremost: You will be required to come and visit us, meet our flock and familiarise yourself with each parrots’ background. We will also require information from you. For example, who your family consists of and your current home circumstances.

All of our birds are rescues and have individual troubles. Some of these birds suffer from stress and major mental trauma which they carry for life. This applies especially to the African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws and other larger breeds. Some of the smaller birds (Cockatiels, Ringnecks, Lovebirds etc.) lean more towards being easygoing and may not have found themselves in stressful situations. However, there is no exception when it comes to an abusive or traumatizing past, each parrot has an individual story to tell.

Step 2 - Let the bird choose you

The bird you choose or let’s be honest, the bird that chooses you, needs to be suited for your home circumstances; this is vital for a successful adoption. We strive to unite a bird and adoptive household in order to ensure a harmonious, joyful and long-lasting bond.

The adoption process takes time, it’s not like a shop where you simply “choose” a bird. It is absolutely essential for you to establish a bond with the bird over the period of a few visits before he or she goes home with you. These visits are also required in order for you to learn all aspects pertaining to these birds. Unfortunately, there are many misunderstandings or even wrong information that is circulating around when it comes to our feathered friends. Thus, we will provide you with the proper education when it comes to owning and taking care of these birds.

Step 3 - Adoption Fee
Each bird has an ADOPTION FEE, this varies from bird to bird. You will be informed as to what this adoption fee is. All fees are based on the individual birds that you show interest in and can vary even within the same breed at the sanctuary.
Step 4 - Home Inspection
The final step is then for you to acquire an appropriate cage and for us to do a home inspection.

Open Hours

Brainy Birds is NOT open to the general public
No Children under 12 yrs allowed

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For an appointment, please contact us
079 426 5572 or 074 406 0259